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Blue Blossom [entries|friends|calendar]
Flower King

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everything so, so so [02 Aug 2007|02:53am]
still everyone see's the same things

and then you see
and everyone is taking doses
and in your spine inlines

my past is present
my present is future

so lets get greed together
and march apon some sort of
apathy and empathy
all at once.

but i love you
and you know that
so everyone still lies
and in the same broken spirit
your spirit dies
and you dont know why

die of old age
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jaw jaw jaw jaw jawcandy [21 Jul 2007|04:49am]
[ mood | artistic ]

can i chew on your shoe?
my jaw really hurts and
i cant seem too choose

well lets sit beside eachother in the rain for a moment

then see the same hallucination
i totally forgot what i was doing.
fuck you

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This just feels like, spinning plates. and Everything in its right place. [15 Jul 2007|05:29am]
This is probably going too be my default journal, all of you from cheshire_belief friends list, you guys are awesome.

too all of you new cats

lets get clean together
and i can find me a soap

tuesday mornin now
gotta have somewhere too go
i call up tommy now
i call him on the telephone
wont you wake up and come with me now

im goin too the pawn and loan
im walkin down forty three
im drinkin a 40 OHHHHHHH bitch
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Nigga's like me own nigga's like you [05 Jun 2007|05:14pm]
Blue Blossoms Daycare
# 697 in Electronica (highest position was 697). Total songs: 203,031
# 7 in Acid (highest position was 7). Total songs: 1,984

What? With absolutely no promotion other than word of mouth? not even my mouth at that.

lets see if we go number one? <3
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We Fly High, no lie, you know it. BALLIN' [31 Mar 2007|05:46pm]
Blue Blossom is fresh out of jail, also ingesting alot of chemi's. what does this mean?


actually its already mostly recorded, and most of it is up on soundclick.

official launch in May, at techfest.


Axe about me.
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[01 Jan 2007|10:30pm]
dead in '07

you ask me
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[01 Jan 2007|08:10pm]
Total Page Views 2006 3,150
Total 3,154

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[15 Dec 2006|05:47am]
The Follow up too last years most brilliant albums. 'Green Shark'. Comes the next head rush...

because radiohead didnt release an album last year.

This Winter...

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Suicide King [08 Dec 2006|06:25am]
[ mood | awake ]

Whats better than 2 new Blue Blossom albums this winter?

getting tracks for free before the album is out!

Dextromethorphan songs,
Pill Eater
added too Soundclick

So chris cringle doesnt take too many hits of acid, and ends up eating rudolph, BluBlo is doing his job for you.
We all know blublo makes a great stocking stuffer.

Also, Funeral Decadence is going into alliance with ABX media and Sounds of Insanity.

more on this later.

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[07 Dec 2006|12:29pm]
And then something inside me broke

and then i asked who you were
and you didnt know either.

and so forth and so on.
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[28 Nov 2006|05:29pm]
Guess who spent the night in jail?

Guess who has too pay $350 within 30 days or BluBlo gets a warrent out.

Guess whose going too be selling alot of drugs, albums, and other such things.

Guess Who is going too donate too my Paypal?

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[27 Nov 2006|07:47pm]
holy shit
36 song plays yesterday

new germs is back at number 22 on the charts.

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[23 Nov 2006|01:05am]
Love Park

nicotine cravings like angry sigma aliens.

things always rotate
like sunlight and such

its funny how...

drugs can make you do some crazy things.

but for the better,
and alcohol for the worse.

its weird

like a vaccum.

i dont know? things are glowing.
things are glowing in my eyes.
my eyes are glowing
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[22 Nov 2006|04:34am]
im drunk, perfect timing too post.

Dextromethorphan is going too rock you out.

but you dont get it til 3 months after flower king.

Flower king will keep you happy for the moment though.

Then dextromethorphan in late winter.

Then Funeral Decadence comes too your home town, and if not. your home town doesnt matter.

Summer of 07', as of right now i want too hit

San Francisco
LV for burning man
and Texas too see Shaina.

buuttt things can change, and hero's can die.

And as of right now. I still own you.

BluBlo 07'ish
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[18 Nov 2006|02:39am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Some people need too be that
some people are that

Some people think that they are that
and some people just are

Some people meditate for the glory
I meditate for the peace

Some people dignify everything they do because they think that there peace is actually peace
but there is no understanding
there is no self worth
other than utterless ego and a self appointed dignity which they think they hold.

Some people think that their words matter
but have no worth because there's no meaning behind what they say, other than cliche's and the thought that they are a deep person.

They try too hard too be deep, and have a deep understanding of everything. But then there are people that just are
self appointed

There are some people that try too hard
and there are people that dont have too try at all
they just are.

I am
and you're not.
and incase you havent gotten it yet
I dont have too try
i just am.
And anyone around me knows that.

Its my game
the knowledge i hold is greater than yours because i dont "think" it up.
its already there.

a greater understanding
a greater cause.
some people have no cause
they just pretend.

the philosophys
the gimmicks
the ghandi act
when the only thing they are starved for is the truth.

my truth holds no greater value than yours
my truth just holds more presidence because it comes from a deeper understanding of the world.

its not because im better than you are
its just the fact
that i am.
and you arent.

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[11 Nov 2006|09:52pm]
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

dont forget that...

more words of wisdom.
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[04 Nov 2006|12:20pm]
200 words of something of the likeness of your willingness too "let me" post?

i have 400 of those, and little too say otherwise. But 200 words of describing some sort of sane or insane. Who cares? The fact is, you cant ignore the likeness or unlikeness of the end result.





But Why would you believe?
In the jaws of hell
you've already met me
you deny
and denying facts
like truths and mistruths that you've heard before.

Blue Blow
Blue Blossom
Green Shark
Flower King
and keys made too your soul
lost in translation in other languages or english
or korean nuclear secrets
or weapons of mass destruction
that seeks to exist
but in the minds of a president
or in paranoia or assassinations of his father
or assassinations of him
assassinated truths
and lies and "the job is not done yet"
So lets tie them down
tied too a falicy
but war war war war war war war war war
Its a warzone

and in the likeness
and unlikeness
and "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck"
and the love
and the love
and the inlove
and the love
but not inlove
and i love you
and you love me
this isnt working out
its you
its me
its me
its me
its me
for once
funeral decadence
distributing lies
and mind piercings
and everything
Blue Blossom?
Is this enough?
Two Hundred ways of saying
you're alive.
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[02 Nov 2006|04:58pm]
Superkind is dead.
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[30 Oct 2006|07:53am]
BluBlo walked around aimlessly thru detroit dissociated with 3 others who didnt know where anything else is either.

BluBlo is going too get too working on Blue Blow, and sell it as ketamine.

but its just blue pixie stick.

so its ok.
Lets Hit Sigma

[27 Oct 2006|03:43am]
oh my fucking god its blue blossom

oh my fucking god

i am so fucking mashed

i seriously am having a conversation with a god damnit light.

blublo needs a lttle bit of a retirement fund...its not for drugs, really, just donate....paypal yum...

im fucking freaing out

its better iwth the lights out
it soooo fucking amazing and wierd and spookyyy

man im supposedtoo hit 4th plataeu with marianna tomorrow, im down, oncei comedown that is...
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